This technique can be used with most silver glass just change your base colors. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial it is free for you to do with as you like, you may already know how to pull the magic out of silver glass and need a little reminder or you may be a newbie I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration and know how. Please click my facebook leave a review . 
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Susan P Hanson
Happy with the shape, time to heat a spot and poke a goldstone stringer in for a little spiral. Lastly heat the ends and tweak with a marver and fire polish untill all the chill marks are gone. Put it in the kiln and anneal 950 until it is cooled . 

Melt it all in nice and smooth use the Crunch  shaper to smooth it out, then heat again this is where I use the Jim Moore tool to squish it gently, take it out look at it reheat then squish again I flip my mandrel so the end is facing me, I like to look at it at eye level so I can see my shape clearly.

Tip ...the carbon marver I am using, make your own from an old marver use a small file to cut a v shape it works great for checking the ends .


Next draw Clio on in stripes and dots close together .

melt in nice and smooth. I use my Jim Moore large
crunch to shape the bead. Let your bead cool, hold it under the table until the red color glow is gone.Adjust the flame make it reducing , that means turn the oxygen down so the flame is fluffy.Run the bead through the flame until you get the colors you want and you can see the shapes drawn with the Clio.

Melt in the orange and marver smooth, now apply a layer of helix clear completely cover the orange. 
First make a base barrel shape bead of clear, roll it out with a graphite marver . Next wrap a thin layer of Effetre transparent striking orange, cover the whole barrel. 


Clio Magic tutorial

What you need
Clio Double Helix
Effetre Clear for core
Goldstone stringer
Striking orange by Effetre 591072
Zephyr clear by Double Helix I use the seconds
Crunch tool by Jim Moore
regular graphite hand marver
Clio is my favorite glass right now I use it in many applications .


These prices are based on Arrow springs Basic Beginning Tool Kit 1 Aura lens dididium Eyewear $45.001 
Dozen 3/32" x 12" Mandrels $8.501 Dozen 1/16" x 12" Mandrels $6.50Dip-n-Go Mandrel Release $7.001½" x 2½" Graphite Paddle $14.00 7" Angled Soft Point Tweezers $3.5010" Blunt Tweezers $6.00Rod Rest $7.006" x 6" x ¼" Graphite Pad $25.00Ceramic Fiber Blanket $10.00Diamond Bead Hole Cleaner and Dresser $7.50Shaping Tool $8.003/32" Tungsten Straight Rake/Poke $9.008" Tweezers Mashers $10.00Frit and Powder Trough $15.00 Minor Burner $188.00¼ x 12½' BB Grade T Hose Set $35.00Propane Regulator $105.00 US/$75.00 Import Oxygen Regulator $105.00 US/$75.00 Import Triple Flint Spark Lighter $4.75 you will need a kiln too , I like the kilns from Arrow Springs. I bought one in 1995 and it still is doing a great job. I use a dremel tool with a diamond bit to clean my beads, its much easier on the wrists. My Favorite tools When they started coming out with all these new toys I had to have them all, but what happens is you end up with favorites and the rest collect dust. My selections are good for not only creating the shapes on the tools, you can also use them to shape your bead and size them. Warning & Disclaimer If you go to these web sites your pockets may get lighter……they all have amazing tools….enjoy! My Favorite Tools These are a few of my suggestions to start you off, and perhaps save you a little. Cg rollers these are great for making unusual shapes and Pandora style beads I use these for my discs and pandora’s, light and easy to use handles very comfortable. Oh yes and easy to find on a messy table. The very first tools I purchased years ago, I always come back to these tools as they are so versatile for shaping large and small. Once you purchase the base you can switch out the tools .Graduated Lentil - 19.3mm, 15.9mm, 12.7mm And the Standard Crunch - (reversible tile bottom as shown above) 20mm x 6.5mm I got addicted to Zoozii’s too lots of great shapes Diamonds and Crystals are my faves here, Zoozii has lots of texture plates and other creative toys. I must be honest I have many of Zoozii's too ....

Here are my suggestions for a new set up and tools

Now take the Zephyr and apply over the lines and dots to capture the shine, then gently start melting the clear in, careful not to give it too much heat.
you don't want to lose the pretty colors ,yes I know it does not look pink at all something is wrong, thats the magic part of Clio you have to wait until it comes out of the kiln. Sorry no photos for this step I spaced it.... its basic encasing ....